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After its foundation Exploris started out as a data analysis service company. In collaboration with the University Hospital in Basel we developed a novel, non-invasive AI test for timely detection of coronary artery disease. We set out to create solutions that will transform health-care. Exploris is one of the first companies having Artificial Intelligence based diagnostic and therapeutic solutions that have passed clinical studies.

Meet our team

Peter Ruff

Peter Ruff

CEO & Founder
Peter Ruff is a digital health entrepreneur.

Peter founded Exploris with the aim to enable a transformation in health care through AI-based diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. After his training as an engineer, he began his career in a Swiss industrial group and became CIO of the group. Then he made an MBO of an IT company and was co-owner of the Ruf Group. Peter is also member of the board of the Zürcher Kantonalbank.

Caroline Oehri

Caroline Oehri

Business Development
M.A. Business Administration, Universität Zürich

Caroline is an experienced business development manager in Pharma (Novartis/Sandoz), executing business strategies into market action, and establishing customer experience based new sales strategies. She has a proofed track record on identifying market opportunities and driving innovation. Caroline is responsible for the management of the health economic validation, the reimbursement processes in different countries and the evaluation of major distributors like diagnostic companies, medical lab companies and others.

Dr. Michael Failer

Dr. Michael Failer

Account Management/Regulation
Dr. med dent University Zurich.

After his executive MBA/HSG he focused on business development in the various fields of dentistry and medicine, including Cardio Explorer. He was involved in the international expansion of the Swiss Smile Dental Clinic group, business consulting of medical related industries and cloud-based medical and dental platform services.

Andrew Tsirkin

Andrew Tsirkin

Software and Modeling Team
Master’s degree in Computer Science St. Petersburg Technical University.

Andrew has broad experience in data analysis and modeling through various projects in health-care and banking. He has extensive knowledge in applying innovative technologies for data analysis, development, optimization, validation and calibration of data classification models. Andrew and his team have been pioneers in realizing the whole process of data analysis and modeling in a holistic approach, resulting in the proprietary AI-X-platform.

Daniel Maissen

Daniel Maissen

BBA Zurich University of Applied Sciences, MBA Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, USA

Daniel has been engaged many years in various functions in Switzerland and abroad for a publicly listed Swiss company, last as CFO of the Group. He has comprehensive knowledge in financial management and developing business strategies as well as implementing efficiency improvement projects. Daniel is responsible for a major refinancing of the group and various company acquisitions.

Wendy Lang

Wendy Lang

Executive Assistant, Systemic Master of Coaching (CTAS)

Wendy is an experienced executive assistant, previously working for the director of the cardiac surgery clinic at the University hospital in Zurich and assistant of the director of the gynecological clinic at the hospital Zollikerberg. She managed the administrative team, organized tasks, projects and events. At Exploris Health Wendy is responsible for the CEO office and supports the management team in administrative, organizational and marketing tasks, the definition of new processes and the organization of events.

Milica Djordjevic

Milica Djordjevic

Bachelor of Science in Business Communications, eidg. dipl. Marketingleiterin

Milica is an organized and mission-oriented Marketing and Communications specialist. She has a broad experience in working on connecting the client needs with the company's strategies and solutions. Milica is supporting the management and is responsible for Marketing (Social Media, Events, Promotions, Advertising) and various Projects.

Rico Bauer

Rico Bauer

Marketing Manager
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing, digital Marketing diploma

Rico is a strategic and value-oriented Marketing specialist. He has over 10 years of experience in the business-to-business environment and has a fundamental understanding of Marketing and Sales processes. In his previous tasks, he was identifying and generating potential customers and was managing the whole sales process. At Exploris Health AG, he is mainly responsible for the strategic positioning of our brand and services to our target audiences on a national and international scale. Rico will also represent our brand at events and will actively engage with prospects to further uncover customer needs.

Clinical development
Prof. Michael Zellweger

Prof. Michael Zellweger

Clinical Development Cardio Explorer
University Hospital Basel
Clinician & Cardiologist, Prof. of cardiology. Michael is head of non-invasive cardiology at the University Hospital Basel, Switzerland.

Exploris and the cardiology department started to collect patient data in order to develop a model-based diagnostic solution for CAD diagnosis. Three prospective clinical studies have been successfully completed. Michael is responsible for the clinical development of the Cardio Explorer.

Prof. Hans-Peter Brunner

Prof. Hans-Peter Brunner

Clinical Development HeartFailure Explorer
University Hospital Maastricht
Clinician & Cardiologist – Prof. of cardiology at the Maastricht University Medical Centre.

Hans-Peter is head of the division Structural Heart Diseases, the Heart Failure Clinic and a specialist in clinical research. Hans-Peter is lead partner of the joint EU Interreg project PASSION which develops a fundamental new therapy for heart failure. Hans-Peter leads the clinical development of the Heart Failure Explorer.

Prof. Winfried März

Prof. Winfried März

Professor at the clinical institute for medical and chemical laboratory diagnostics at the University of Graz, Austria.

He is principal investigator of the German LURIC study and a specialist in epidemiology and genetics of cardio vascular disease. He is active in various international committees as an independent scientific advisor and deputy chairman of the D-A-C-H society for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Winfried März supports Exploris in laboratory related issues.

Leading the wave of future innovation in healthcare

Exploris provides Artificial Intelligence based diagnostic and therapeutic lab tests, allowing for higher precision of results and increased convenience and safety for patients.

We enhance lab tests with Artificial Intelligence based predictive modeling for improved interpretation of lab results. The technology platform comprises clinical data sources, knowledge and a proprietary software engine which is capable of so far unmet capabilities in detecting new combinations of markers. A change in health status is reflected in physiological factors. Identifying the relevant factors and determining their relationship leads to new diagnostic approaches and improved therapies.

As a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence based eDiagnostics and eTherapeutics, we are one of the first companies which have successfully passed clinical studies for our novel, groundbreaking tests. Bringing the power of our extensive Artificial Intelligence software suite, the internet and the huge source of information in collected data together, turns out to be one of the most important technological advances in health care.

Exploris at Swissbiolabs Award
Cardio Explorer wins Swiss Biolabs Award 2018

Honors & awards

Swiss Biolabs Award

Winner 2018

IFAS Innovation Challenge

2. Prize 2018

Digital Health Forum

HOT 5 Company

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