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The most accurate blood test detects coronary heart disease timely

Cardio Explorer is a non-invasive Artificial Intelligence test that detects patients with life-threatening stenosis from coronary artery disease and helps to avoid heart attacks.

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Heart disease is the leading cause of death

Cardio Explorer exceeds the existing diagnostic primary diagnostics for Coronary Artery Disease by far and supports the paradigm change required by the new ESC guidelines.

The Cardio Explorer test has been validated in high- and low-risk populations. The powerful AI-X-platform derived AI models with AUROC of 0.87.

Cardio Explorer has been developed together with Prof. Zellweger, University hospital Basel and validated in three clinical studies at the University hospital Basel, Switzerland, in the German LURIC study and at the University hospital in Maastricht, Netherlands. Standard diagnostic routines like the stress ECG have a lower accuracy than the Cardio Explorer test.

Amount of data overstrains


variables arbitrarily combined leads to more possible results than atoms in the universe

Cardio Explorer requires 32 factors from anamnesis and blood lab. With interim results from sub models a total of 80 factors get combined in every possible way. Only the overall profile of all factors together allow for such a precise diagnosis.

The solution

The accurate AI blood test for coronary artery disease diagnostics

Cardio Explorer is a simple blood test that detects life-threatening stenosis with industry leading accuracy and helps to avert heart attacks.

Why Cardio Explorer is great

Highest accuracy

While for stenosis detection, the often-used stress EGC is about as precise as a coin toss and therefore no longer recommended by the ESC guidelines, the Cardio Explorer has the highest sensitivity and specificity in any CAD blood test.

Tested with 2000+ patients

Validated in three clinical studies at the University hospital Basel, the German LURIC study and at the Univerity hospital in Maastricht, Netherlands.

AUROC of 0.87

Models derived by our AI platform have strong diagnostic power resulting in high AUROC.

Early detection

With a simple blood test you can recognize life-threatening narrowings in heart arteries and help to avert a heart attack timely.

Latest technology

Our groundbreaking Cardio Explorer test empowers general practitioners and residential cardiologists by providing an accuracy with otherwise requires extensive clinical examinations like CT, MRI, PET.

High level of compliance

Cardio Explorer supports the paradigm change in risk stratification required by the new ESC 2019 guidelines.

Cardio Explorer is very accurate

Cardio Explorer is a non-invasive Artificial Intelligence based eDiagnostic test that timely detects patients with stenosis from coronary artery disease. Cardio Explorer is the most accurate AI blood test available, based on medical lab values used in primary care and in cardiology, achieving the highest sensitivity / specificity of AI supported blood tests.


sensitivity in screening for heart attack precondition


specificity for early and safe exclusion of unaffected patients


AUROC, highest predictive power


Indication for demand for alternative Heart Failure Explorer approach


Paradigm shift in Heart Failure therapy


Clinical study successfully completed, Publication by BASEL Cohort


Nearly half of the heart attacks may be silent. Cardio Explorer provides higher chances for early detection in absence of typical symptoms.


LURIC Cohort Clinical study successfully completed

Trusted by small and large organizations



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